A-Z Blog: A is for Azurite

A to Z blogging is popular these days so I thought I would undertake the task of A-Z blogging as it relates to minerals. 

So...let's start with Azurite! 

Azurite is a blue mineral consisting of copper hydroxyl carbonate. It occurs as blue prisms or crystal masses, often with malachite. 

Azurite brings new perspective and stimulates the intellect. It will help to reduce stress and negative thought processes. Overcome your fear and gain confidence with this stone! Azurite supports the immune system, helps with high blood pressure and nervous system issues as well as issues related to the throat. It is a great stone to use for detoxification. 

Azurite helps with meditation, past life recall and lucid dreaming.  

Use azurite for clarity of thought and to pump up your energy! 

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