A-Z Blog: B is for Bronzite

 A-Z blogging continues with today's entry: Bronzite. 

Bronzite originates in the U.S., Austria, England, South Africa, India, Labrador, Norway, and Greenland. It is a silicate compound of magnesium and iron in the pyroxene family. .It is a variety of hypersthene.

Bronzite allows one to just 'be' and turns back negative energy from the environment and from others. It is a protective, grounding mineral used to achieve harmony and self confidence when you feel overwhelmed or helpless. Bronzite allows one to reserve judgement and see the situation with a clear eye. It supports self esteem and inspires tolerance, acceptance and respect. 

Use Bronzite to help you make important decision, set appropriate goals and make plans. Legend holds that Bronzite is useful to protect one from curses and negative thoughts and actions. 

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