A-Z Blog: C is for Cacoxenite

Cacoxenite makes a good life even better. It grows as a mineral inclusion in  as amazing a host stone (often in Amethyst or in Super Seven) and it enhances the healing power of the host.

This mineral supports those who wish to positively influence and create change for civilization and for the planet. It expands consciousness and is used for spiritual awareness and meditation. It assists one by providing calm during times of emotional turmoil, and it separates and removes negative attachments. 

Cacoxenite is great for those who have stomach or digestive issues and is also a good support for thyroid issues.

Locations include Cornwall, England; Sweden; France; Hagendorf, Germany; Antwerp, New York; Pima County, Arizona; Indian Mountain, Alabama and Coon Creek Mine, Polk County, Arkansas, U.S.


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