A-Z Blog: O is for Ocean Jasper


Ocean Jasper is found only in Madagascar. It is also known as Orbicular Jasper. Ocean Jasper gives one a feeling of joy and helps to release negative feelings. It will allow you to focus on positive communication and openness and provide self-confidence.

Use this stone to help you deal with past events, and give you perspective on history and why and how you got to this point. Ocean Jasper will help you to find your own power and develop good judgment about how and when to use that power. Ocean Jasper supports the female reproductive system and helps to mitigate the symptoms of PMS. It also helps with digestion, lymphatic cleansing, bloating and tooth and gum issues. Use Ocean Jasper to help with insomnia and to alleviate obsessive thinking and action.

Note: Every color and type of Jasper has its own unique qualities. The general healing qualities that are common to every Jasper include the following: channels positive energy and makes you feel better physically. Removes toxins, supports endocrine system, cleanses the blood, liver and bile ducts, and provides insight into difficult situations.

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