Creating a Personal or Professional Space for Crystal and Stone Therapy or Crystal Meditation

If you have a space you can set aside for meditation with your stones, and/or for stone healing, you may wish to consider setting up a dedicated space. The space does not have to be an entire room, it can be a corner of a room or anywhere you can set aside a small, undisturbed area.

If you do not have such an area in your home or apartment, you can set up temporary space and break it down and store your items in a closet or under the bed.  I’ll give you some ideas for both options.This information is taken from our Introduction to Crystal and Stone Therapy workshops and is not to be used or published without permission. 

The Permanent Personal Space

If you are fortunate enough to be able to set aside a room for your meditation and healing work, you can do so in grand style, intermediate style, average style or peasant style.  All of these choices are just fine and it is your personal space constraint and preferences that will dictate your final space. 

Over the next few weeks, we will outline the various options for creating your own healing space for crystal and stone therapy. We'll begin with the Grand Style (for those who want to go all out). Later, we'll outline some simpler options for those with limited space or those who may just be dabbling to decide whether they are really interested in this process. 

Grand Style

If you are fortunate enough to have a room you can set aside for healing and meditation, this is a wonderful option.  If you have a number of rooms from which to choose, choose the one that is likely to be the quietest and have the least traffic going past the door.  With an entire room to use, you may wish to purchase a massage table or a very deeply cushioned chair to lie down or have your clients or subjects lie down.  If you plan to use a chair you can still use chakra stones when you (or your client or subject) sit a vertical position.  

If you wish to keep your meditation and healing space more classic in nature, purchase a good mat that is long enough to lie on or sit on, or buy a wonderful Oriental or Native American rug that you can use for your meditation and healing and that will also be decorative.

Purchase a good fountain.  A fountain in which you can place tumbled stones is a good choice because the water flow over the stones will send a continuous flow of healing energy out into the room.  Smooth stones from a stream bed are also a wonderful way to bring the earth’s energy and connection into your healing and meditation space.

If you wish to use music or nature sounds to augment your meditation and healing sessions, purchase a small CD player and buy some good meditation CDs or some natural sound effects CDs as you prefer.

Place bookshelves or a cabinet in the room to contain your stones, or simply place bowls around the edges of the room to contain the various stones.  If you choose the ‘bowl’ method of storage, you can buy bowls that are appropriate for each chakra color and store your matching chakra stones in these bowls. 

Buy incense or an aroma therapy diffuser to use for your meditation and healing sessions.  Buy sturdy candle holders that are not top heavy.  Purchase scented or unscented candles as you wish and keep a ‘grill lighter’ or other automatic lighter mechanism handy.  You can use matches but the lighters are safer and you don’t have to run to find a fresh book of matches every week.

Be careful to set up incense and/or candles in a place where the ashes or flame will not cause a fire.  A stone slab base for these is a good way to decorate your space and ensure fire safety at the same time.  Be sure to store your ‘lighter’ in a safe place that is not near a heater or flame.

Decorate the walls of your room with peaceful images and pictures. 

Place one or two plants in the room to complete the earth connection. 

Keep a binder or book of your meditations handy in a drawer, on a shelf or near your meditation mat or chair. 

Once you memorize these meditations and/or healing layouts, you will not need the references anymore. 

DO NOT put a phone or TV in the room.  This space is supposed to be your respite from the world.  It should be as peaceful and quiet as possible. 

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