Rhodizite (Rhodozite)

It may be small, but Rhodizite packs a powerful punch! This healing mineral works at the cellular level, and can be used to treat disease, dysfunction and disorder in the body, mind, emotional and subtle bodies. Because the energy in these crystals swirls and circulates in a clockwise fashion, it is self-clearing and very useful in networking the energy from other crystals and in clearing the chakras. 
Hold this crystal in the center of your palm and feel the warmth and the healing energy entering your body! It will remove and clear blockages and work through the layers, one by one, until the energy gets to the bottom of the issue. Make sure you have plenty of time to sit with this stone so that it can do its work. 

Rhodizite allows one to lean on the strength of the energy and allow the healing to take place. While it is strong, it is not aggressive so it can be used by those who are extremely ill or sensitive to energy, without discomfort. These dodecahedron crystals are hard to find, but they are worth the effort. They are a valuable asset to any healer and definitely deserve a place of honor in your healing toolkit. 

Buy them in pairs and hold one in the center of each palm. Feel the energy swirl, coalesce and release, bringing healing energy into the body and cleansing and clearing old, blocked energy and releasing it into the world to be recycled and cleansed. 

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