Creating Custom Art Using Natural Elements, Stone and Metal


This custom piece was conceived by a client as a wedding gift and executed by Sedona artist, Bob Obijiski. The piece expresses the natural elements of Sedona red rock and trees (pieces collected by the client) with accents of natural specimens, stones and a jewelry piece to mark specific, special dates and times in the lives of the couple.

It incorporates silver, brass, copper, agates, sapphire, petrified wood, bone, gold and a herkimer diamond, as well as a pair of dual crossed silver hearts, two ceramic hummingbirds and a silver vortex in the center, along with Sedona red rock and wood collected from Sedona forest land. 

When an artist undertakes a commissioned piece, they must first understand what the client has in mind and then add artistic elements and expressions to pull the piece together and make a statement. Each of the elements on this piece were added with careful consideration to represent the milestones, emotions and intention. The colors, stones and minerals have specific metaphysical meaning, and the combination of metals supports the energetic intent. 

When working with crystals, stones and natural elements, an artist is able to create a piece that expresses the client and artistic intent and also brings together the powerful aspects and healing energies of stone, metal, and wood. 


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