Two Outstanding Acquisitions - Two Outstanding Guardians of Stone!

Within the past week, we have been honored to acquire some amazing pieces from some amazing miners/prospectors and 'guardians of stone'. 

The first is a collection of stone used in ceremony and healing by Grandfather Martin (a Hopi Elder who recently passed away and who was well renowned for his teachings at the United Nations and his meeting with the Dalai Lama, and other world spiritual leaders). Grandfather Martin's family honored us with some of the stones in his collection and we are featuring them in our store. It is our way of passing on his healing tradition and spreading his message of love and compassion. 

We are pleased to announce that we found great homes for every piece of Grandfather Martin's ceremonial stones we had in stock. We hope to work with his family to bring more of Grandfather Martin's stones into our store so that more people can share in the healing. 

The second collection we are featuring is from Brian and Yolanda Busse, of The Prospectors (broadcast on the Weather Channel). This show features U.S. miners working in Colorado to find aquamarine, smokey quartz, amazonite, topaz and other minerals and bring them to the market. Brian and Yolanda also create unique jewelry designs, including Yolanda's signature pieces featuring Mt. Antero in Colorado. We are excited to feature the Busse Family jewelry and stones in our shop and we hope you will come by and see these wonderful pieces and perhaps get one for yourself. 

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