Why Do I Need to be 'Grounded'?

Sometimes, people get confused when they consider energetic 'grounding'. They might ask, "why wouldn't I want to FLY, rather than being tied to the ground?", or they might say, "I've spent all my life stuck in one place and now I want to be FREE. I want to move." 

Let's be clear. Freedom and 'flying' are wonderful feelings and we should all want to explore the world in new ways BUT, we are living in a three-dimensional world, here on earth. We are living in physical bodies and during our time here, we must be in the moment, and connected to the world and to those people, places, and experiences around us if we are to learn the lessons we are meant to learn; if we are to make the most of our time in THIS life and prepare for what comes next. 

While the word 'grounded' may have a negative connotation from our childhood, the definition of being grounded in energetic terms is far from our childhood definition. To be 'grounded' means to be in our bodies and experiencing our life with all our senses, with clear, balanced chakras that support our connection to higher consciousness, to our lives and the people we love and to the truth we already know from other lives. To be grounded means to be present in the moment and living our lives to the fullest; making the choices we need to make and walking the path with clear intention. 

So, the next time, you wonder why you should need grounding, remember that being rooted here in this life does not mean that you cannot be free. It does not mean that you can't fly. It simply means that you must be IN this life...in your body...in your mind...and thinking clearly about your journey! 

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