Giving the Gift of Stones

People ask how they might give the gift of a stone, specimen, crystal, or jewelry with a stone to someone who does not 'believe' in the power of stone energy. The answer is simple. If you select the gift with love and intention and give it in the same way, there is no need to explain!

However, if you want to tell your friend or loved one about the stone and the reason you selected the piece for them, you can simply tell them the meaning or character of the stone or even print a card and give it to them with a gift. You do not have to push beliefs or information on them. Just give it to them and leave it be. The recipient might tell others what you said, or show them what you wrote, or they may choose to keep it themselves, or even ignore the information. 

No matter how they choose to handle the situation, you may feel better telling them about the stone in order to avoid the feeling that you are somehow deceiving them by giving them a gift (the intention of which you are keeping to yourself). In the end, it is important to do what you feel is right. 

Remember, the benefit of the healing energy and the love with which the piece was selected and given will always give them what they need - whether they BELIEVE or not!


  • PS I wouldn’t have come to this website question had I not wanted to be certain of my own intentions in giving a rock. Not good to read too much into them. If a rock reminds you of something pleasant – no need to hesitate to give it. Thank you for having provided an answer that isn’t whacked.

  • There should be no hidden intention. No one should try to “fix”/“heal” another person without the individual’s permission. One’s own intentions can be rather skewed.


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