Understanding the Purpose and Use of Healing Wands

When you see a hand crafted wand, you might wonder at its purpose. Sometimes, people buy these beautiful pieces for decoration but, meta-physicians and healers use a stone wand as a tool. 

Wands are made with a glass, ceramic, metal or wood base, and the stones are added with purpose. The materials from which the wand is made will dictate how and in which instances it is used. The position of a stone on the wand may relate to a chakra, in which case, the wand is often placed along the mid-line of the body in a vertical position with the point facing the head or the feet. The position of the point is determined by the healer's assessment of the needs of the client. 

Some wands have a terminated (pointed) crystal at both ends. These are often used to stimulate the movement of energy in the chakras in both directions for cleansing and clearing. 

Jewelers or artists who make individually crafted wands may make them to the specifications of a healer or they may follow their intuition or use metaphysical knowledge to combine stones and material for a particular use or purpose. 

When you consider a wand for yourself or as a gift, be sure to purchase a wand that will best serve the needs of the person who will use it. Wands can certainly be decorative, but they serve a purpose beyond beauty. So, choose well. And, if you can't find what you need, consider having an artist create a custom wand. 

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