Caring For Your Healing Stones

Clearing Your Stones

There are a number of methods you can use to clear your stones:

  • Water
  • Smoke
  • Smudge
  • Earth
  • Salt
  • Intention

If you are soaking or burying your stones to clear them, you should leave them for at least 2 hrs.  Ideally, you should leave them for 10-12 hrs to clear.   If you are smudging, smoking or using intention, these clearing processes will only take minutes.  Smoking or smudging can be done in 5-10 minutes.  Intention can be done in 2-5 minutes.

Let’s look at each technique separately.


Very simply, you can soak your stones in water to clear them on a periodic basis or after a healing session.  Be sure you always clear your stones after using them for healing to keep the stones strong and healthy.  You can also take your larger pieces out into a rain storm for some really great natural healing.  If you put your stones in a stream to clear them, please be sure you place them in a net bag or put other rocks around them to keep them from floating away J

While most stones can be cleared in water, I encourage you to read about the stones that require special care below, so that you don’t damage or deteriorate those stones that cannot withstand water clearing. 

Always use tepid (room temperature) water for clearing to avoid cracking, clouding or other damage from water that is too hot or too cold. 

Stones that particularly LOVE water clearing are clear, blue and violet, though you can use water for all your clearing if you wish (except those sensitive stones I mentioned)


You can use incense to clear your stones.  As long as you are not touching the stone with the heat of the incense tip you will not find a stone that responds poorly to smoke clearing.  Stones that especially LOVE smoke clearing are red, orange, yellow, black and brown and Rutilated stones.


Smudge is a wonderful way to clear stones and a treat for the stones and the dwelling in which you do the clearing.  However, smudge can create a heavy smokey kind of environment that may make you cough and choke a bit, and the smell will linger long past the smoke created by incense.  You can use smudge outside to clear stones or open a window to reduce this effect.   Sage and Cedar smudge are particularly effective for grounding stones and can also be used to clear a person’s aura.  Lavender and other lighter, calming scents can be used to clear heart stones and stones that have a lighter character to their energy.


If you wish to clear your stones with earth, you can bring some in from the outside and place it in a bowl.  Then bury the stone in the earth in the bowl.  If you want to bury the stone outside, be sure to clearly mark where the stone is buried, so you can find it again after it has been cleared.  Stones that LOVE to be cleared in the earth include green, brown, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, elestials.

Be certain to consider the temperature sensitivity of any stone you may want to bury during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter.


Place salt in a bowl and bury the stone in the salt.  If it is a larger stone and you don’t have enough salt or a large enough bowl to cover it, simply be sure that the stone is rooted in the salt, so that one end can absorb the clearing energy.

Be sure to consider the sensitivity that the stone may have to salt or you could damage the surface of the stone.  Polished and porous stones are particularly sensitive to the effects of salt. 


If you need to clear a stone and you do not have any tools with which to clear it, you can simply use intention.  Place the stone between your hands and close your eyes. Feel the surface and the energy of the stone and imagine a bright, white light washing over you and the stone…cleansing and clearing the stone with divine energy and light.  Allow the light to flood over you and to come through your hands and connect to the stone.  Remain in this position, holding the stone for 2-5 minutes.  Then open your eyes and put the stone down. 


Similar to clearing with Intention, clearing your stones or crystals by using your breath involves a focused intention to clear the stone.  Close your eyes and focus on cleansing energy.  Take several deep cleaning breaths and imagine your exhaled breath emitting a white all encompassing light.  Then take several deep breaths and breathe gently onto the stone as you hold it in your hands. 

Remember that there are some stones that require special care in clearing and storing. If you are unsure, always consult an expert to be certain you care for your stones properly. 

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  • Is it possible to damage a stone while smudging…using the incense smoke, if its too close (but not touching the stick tip at all)


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