Contemplating Energy Healing

There are many types of energy work: Reiki, Crystal and Stone Therapy, Vibrational Healing, Pranic Healing and so many more! When you begin to explore these modalities and techniques, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the history, and by the sheer number of treatments, effects and uses of these techniques. 

As you review and understand the techniques, you may be drawn to one or two that seem to resonate with you. Perhaps the attraction will be that the method feels 'right' to you. You might find that the history and lore of the technique attracts you. Whatever the choice, meta-physicians and energetic healers typically will start with one technique and then expand their horizons to encompass other techniques that can be used as appropriate and sometimes combined with other healing modalities to get the best results.

Before you make a commitment to in-depth study, you should talk to others who practice these techniques, and also schedule a treatment for yourself so that you can feel, firsthand, the effects and ask questions of the practitioner. You should do your research to find the right teacher for you. Everyone learns differently and you will want to choose someone to whom you can relate. Get references and ask how long the teacher, master or instructor has been practicing and teaching. This research will ensure that you can follow your chosen path without a lot of detours. 

Remember that there are a lot of new techniques that come and go. Don't be fooled by marketing and hype. If you find yourself in a situation where a teacher demands to be treated as a guru or discourages questions or outside influence, look carefully at the situation and take your own destiny in hand. A true teacher will encourage exploration and thought. They will not demand isolation. They will thoughtfully answer questions and make themselves available after your certificate is issued so that you can continue your growth and education. 

Like all major decisions in life, the study, acceptance of and practice of energy healing techniques demands dedication and humility. If we want to continue to grow and learn, we must be open to ideas and techniques that will expand our understanding of life and the importance of an integrated mental, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution. 


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