Heal While You Sleep

Clients always ask us how best to use the healing power of stones and crystals. There are many ways to incorporate these wonderful tools into your daily life.  

You can carry a pouch of stones with you, you can create an elixir to internalize the healing, you can wear jewelry made from a particular stone or set of stones, you can use stones and crystals in a healing layout during an energy treatment or when resting. 

Perhaps the easiest way to use stones in healing is to use them while you are sleeping. Tuck a pouch of stones under your pillow for the best results.

When you are asleep your body is in a restorative state. Cellular healing and regeneration takes place during this time and you can use this respite to incorporate the healing power of stones. 

Remember that your body, mind and spirit work together and that you are at once a simple and a complex being.

If you don't know which stones will help you address your health, emotional or other issues, you can seek the counsel of an expert in crystal and stone therapy, or energy healing or you can buy a good reference book and look up the conditions and issues you wish to address. 

Once you have gathered your stones, place them in a pouch made of natural fabric (cotton, leather, raw silk) and tuck them under your pillow. It's that simple!

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