The Artist Within: Ramsey's In-Residence Jeweler is Inspired By Stone

When Bob Obijiski looks at a stone, he sees a unique and, sometimes hidden, potential. That potential inspires him to design and create one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to the heart and delight collectors.

"Every stone is different," Bob says. "The color of the stone, the patterning that nature has chosen - every detail gives the stone its unique character. When I sit down to create the piece, I try to help the stone find its voice, so that it will speak to the person who is meant to own it."

The concept and creation of a piece begins with stone selection, and that process may start with a rare stone found at a gem and mineral show, or with a prospecting trip to a remote spot somewhere in an Arizona canyon.

"Whether it is a beautiful apple green and brown Gaspeite specimen, a piece of turquoise from a mine that has long since closed, or a whimsical specimen of Sea Sediment Jasper, the stone has a story to tell, and that story is always fun to find," says Bob.

If a stone must be cut and polished, that process requires a thoughtful eye. Bob works to find just the right markings and pattern within the stone, and present those features artistically so that the pendant, ring or bracelet design has an interesting flow, character and contrast.

 If a client finds a stone they love and wants to create a custom piece, the artistic process takes a different turn. Bob works with the client to design a piece that will bring out the best in the stone and give the client a piece they can treasure for years to come.

"I have been collecting specimens, crystals and stones for over thirty-five years," Bob says. "I love working in this medium. No two stones are alike, and each piece of jewelry is like the frame of a painting, meant to reveal the singular character of that particular stone."

Bob's work is on display at Ramsey's Rocks and Minerals, located at 150 SR 179 STE 6, Sedona, and is open Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun by appointment. 928-204-2075,

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