The Combined Energy of Minerals Can Create an Awesome Healing Tool

Pick a single mineral or stone; Carnellian for example, and you can enjoy the healing benefits of the mineral. Carnelian provides renewed courage/strength, and works on arthritis, neuralgia, depression. Regulates the follow of bodily fluids. 

But, when minerals cohabitate (grow together), the character of each mineral joins forces with the other minerals and, just like individual players on a team, each mineral brings its own unique quality and talent to the team effort. 

Clear Quartz with Chlorite and Lithium

As an example, we might look at the combination of clear quartz, lithium (also known as lepidolite) and chlorite. This marriage of minerals creates a powerful healing combination that is useful in many situations. 

Lepidolite/Lithium - Reduces stress and depression. Good for shortness of breath and nervousness. Clear blockages. Dissipate stress and negativity. Stimulate focus and analytical capacity. This is a soothing calming stone that will help you if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. This is an excellent stress relief stone, as it contains lithium. It has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidence or synchronicity. It will help you to recognize the patterns that come from your personal way of thinking, and aids you to feel more settled and serene about life. It is especially helpful in treating grief or loss, or other sorts of deep emotional suffering and anguish.

Quartz with Chlorite - Chlorite in Quartz is a powerful healing combination. The Quartz amplifies the purifying, detoxifying properties of the Chlorite making it one of the best crystals to use for physical cleansing.  Chlorite not only works with the physical body, but the auric body as well.  Chlorite will help to cleanse the aura, chakras and energy meridians, and to deflect negative energy directed toward the user. Chlorite is a great piece to use when there is excessive anger or frustration, gently removing and dissipating the energy.  Chlorite in Quartz will help to resolve issues of the heart and remove blockages and resistance that will allow one to acknowledge, forgive, release, and move forward. Chlorite is also a wonderful stone to use to cleanse the environment, a sacred space, or home/office. 

Combining these minerals provides support for calming, repelling negativity, creating harmony, and amplifying energy.

When minerals grow together into one stone, nature provides a ready-made remedy for comprehensive healing. 

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