The Value of Bead and Pearl Stringing

We are pleased to offer our customers bead and pearl stringing (and restringing) services. When our customers come in with a legacy piece that has been broken, they are often surprised at the amount of work that goes into the stringing process and the cost of the project. 

We believe that it is important to educate our customers so that they can make a good decision about how to preserve their heirlooms and jewelry and understand the value of the piece as an investment. 

First, let's talk about the value of the piece you have. If you want to restring an old set of pearls, keep in mind that these pearls may be more valuable because they are older or because of the type of the pearl. The same holds true for certain types of semi-precious stones. For example, a gemmy, large rhodocrosite bead will command a high price in today's market. Understanding the value of the stones you have may help you make a better decision as to whether to spend the money to have the necklace restrung. Even if you decide not to pursue the project, you may be able to sell the individual beads to a jeweler or to someone who wants to use them to create another necklace or artistic project. 

When you bring in a piece in for an estimate, you might be surprised at the cost of the project. It is helpful to understand the work and skill that goes into these projects. First, the existing piece must be taken apart. It takes quite a while to deconstruct the necklace or bracelet because each pearl or stone is knotted on either side.

Once the piece is deconstructed, each bead must be thoroughly cleaned to remove body oils and dirt from the stone or pearl and from the tiny holes in the beads. The pearls or beads are then restrung with a uniform knotting process between each stone so that the stones and beads lie evenly against the skin and flow properly within the piece. Knots are then hidden within or blended with the clasp at the end of the piece on each side so that the design is seamless.

The entire process requires hours of painstaking work and skill - which can translate into a higher price than most people might anticipate. Just know that the delivery of your beautiful piece is what the artist (and we) want to ensure. While beads and pearls may be strung on nylon or wire without knotting, these pieces do not present well and look unfinished.

Of course, the decision to pursue this kind of project is always yours but it is our job to educate you on the task and help you to decide what will work for you and, as always, we stand ready to answer any concerns or question you may have about the process or the project. 

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