Wavelite (Botryoidal and Drusy) - Arkansas

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Those of you who know and love this mineral, know that it grows in botryoidal formation on base rock and is porous and bulbous; not suitable for cutting and polishing. This piece is also sparkly and drusy. It is a beauty.  It measures 1.40" x 1.10" at its widest points. 

Wavelite is used in crystal healing and magic to enhance and improve decision-making, intuition and to help energy flow smoothly. Wavelite is also a stone used to calm anger. It can gently raise issues deep in the psyche such as abuse and trauma, to help bring about a soul healing. Soul healing can arise as emotional fluidity and calm, unraveling attitudes creating disease thereby bringing health and helping maintain it. Wavelite is used specifically in the physical realm in crystal healing to stabilize blood counts, treat dermatitis, and clear cellular memory that can induce disease states.