Hanksite - Searles Lake, Trona, CA

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Hanksite is a salt-based mineral* found only in Searles Lake in Trona, CA. This prospecting site is opened once a year to the public and features numerous salt-based minerals (including Halite, Borax, etc). Hanksite is unique in its energetic and healing energy. 

Hanksite is a wonderful, healing mineral that allows for cleansing and clearing of the chakras. People often describe the feeling of Hanksite as having cool water flowing their body. It is a very comforting, useful stone for healing.

This crystal measures 3.5" x 3..5" at its tallest and widest points. 

*Do NOT put this mineral in water. To protect and preserve the specimen and avoid deterioration from air and the elements, your piece has been sprayed with a clear acrylic coating. Please spray the piece once a year with UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating by Krylon (Matte Finish) to keep it in good condition.